Have a smart phone?

Think you know Columbia or want to get out there and learn about our fair city in a fun and exciting way (while supporting The FriendShip at the same time)?

Then the Virtually Hot! Scavenger Hunt is for you!

How do you play?

1. Head to Google Play or to the App Store to download the free Goosechase app. Check out the app to understand how the game works.

Buy a ticket to enter the hunt. Cost is only $50 per team. Within 24 hours of entering, you will receive login info to get into our scavenger hunt.

3. After you log in, you’ll see the available “Missions”* (selfie quests, trivia, and tasks) for our contest.

4. New missions will be released each week until the contest ends. No matter when you enter, all missions will be available to complete.

5. To complete each mission you or your teammates will submit a photo in response to the mission requests. Each mission will have a point value with bonus points available for some missions. At the end of the game at midnight on April 29, the team with the most points wins**. Note that a publicly viewable leaderboard will be available.

Now through April 29, you and your friends, co-workers, or family members can participate in this first time event benefiting The FriendShip.


What can you win?

Well, that’s up to you and your fellow Columbians. The prize format is a “50/50” giveaway. For every dollar raised by the scavenger hunt, the winning team will get half of that amount. You will also gain the satisfaction that you are the one (and so far only) champions of the greatest scavenger hunt in the history of early 2022 Columbia-based virtual scavenger hunts. YEAH!

What is it?

The Virtually Hot! Scavenger Hunt is a scavenger hunt (duh!) all about Columbia.  It will send you to the back of your brain (or to Google) and then to locations all around the Columbia area to find spots you may have been to before or...maybe not.

*Mission Details: Mission evidence will be submitted within the Goosechase app in the form of photos taken with up to 4 of your team’s smartphones (photos are taken with the Goosechase app, not with your normal phone camera app). Location related quests will require a team member to visit the locations between now and midnight 4/29/22. Photos obtained from other sources/times will not be accepted and The FriendShip reserves the right to review and reject photo evidence that does not meet the spirit of the game. If photo evidence is rejected, The FriendShip will tell your team via the app why the evidence is not acceptable. While all locations will be public and easily accessible in and around Columbia, please take care as you visit these locations…be safe! By entering the contest, you assume all responsibility for your play.