Preferred Providers are businesses for which licenses, insurance, and references have been screened for the convenience of the members of The FriendShip. The FriendShip accepts referrals for potential Preferred Providers from its members, Board of Directors, and committee members.


The FriendShip is constantly updating its Preferred Provider list and seeks organizations that provide:
Appliance Repair, Auto Repair, Computer Assistance, Electrician, Geriatric Care Manager, Grab Bar Installation, Grocery/Meal Delivery, Handyman, Hearing Aid Assistance, Home Modification, Home Repair (carpentry, roof, etc), Home Safety Evaluation, House Cleaning Service, HVAC, Lawn care maintenance (mowing, planting, weeding, pruning), Notary, Personal Trainer, Pest and Wildlife Control, Plumber, Senior Move Managers, Taxi Service, Wellness (nutrition, lifestyle, etc.), Wheelchair Transportation Provider

Benefits of being a Preferred Provider

  • Expanded customer base 
  • Free advertising -- there is no fee for being on the Preferred Provider list
  • Use of The FriendShip logo in advertising or marketing for the duration of this relationship with The Friendship
  • Satisfaction in being able to help members of the community age successfully in their own homes​​

How It Works

A member calls or emails The FriendShip to obtain contact information from the Preferred Provider list for up to three businesses to choose from.

The business provides the member a written estimate for the cost of service. The fee and scope of the work is negotiated and paid directly by the member.

When the service is complete, the member will be contacted by The FriendShip to obtain feedback about satisfaction with the service. This feedback will be taken into consideration in future referrals.


  • The member may request to have a volunteer present when meeting with a service provider. 
  • The FriendShip office can assist in scheduling initial appointments. 
  • The FriendShip is not responsible for any expenses related to the service provided.
  • The FriendShip does not guarantee any work.

2.  Complete an Interview

  • The Owner or  Business Manager will be interviewed by a representative of The Friendship.
  • Please be ready to provide the following: copies of insurance certificates, information about whether employees smoke and whether smoke-free employees can be provided upon request, and information about any discounts that will be offered to members. 

3.  Be reviewed by the Board.

  • A committee of The FriendShip will verify relevant licenses, certifications, insurance coverage, and references. The Board of Directors determines whether a business will be listed as a Preferred Provider.

 4.  Complete an Annual Review.

  • Preferred Providers will be reviewed annually. They will be asked to provide feedback, as well.

Note: It is the policy of The FriendShip that members with tobacco allergies or breathing problems not be matched with service providers who use, or are routinely exposed to, tobacco products.


Preferred Provider Application Steps

1.  Complete an Application Form

  • Download, print, fill out, and mail a PDF application form (click here).